Welcome to Forlonde

Thank you for volunteering to enter the unknown, and explore the plane we have decided to call Forlonde. Be sure to visit the Requests Board to find paid opportunities out in the wilderness, or check The Half Full Cask for rumors. Don’t forget to report any events to the Archives to make your fellow Adventurer’s expeditions more effective.

Additional Rules

Party Roles
Adventure Logs
Miscellaneous Rules

Player-GM Agreements

-Survival, success and sanity of their characters aren’t guaranteed, but if they achieve it, it will not be taken away.
-Inside Forlonde City your characters will be safe from threats.
-The characters should have a reason to be involved with the world and have at least some reason to know each other. You should have characters that are proactive, or even better, driven.
-The rules will be followed, dice will be rolled in the open, and if you get into a conflict you don’t care about, you can die uselessly. Pick your fights to be the ones that matter, stack the deck, play your cards smart and remember the NPC opponents have the same options!


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